Atlas Construction, Inc. is an industrial and commercial stucco, masonry, stone and siding sub-contractor in Atlanta GA  
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Atlas Construction is <u>the</u> exterior commercial and industrial 
finish sub contractor in the southeastern United States.

Atlas Construction is the exterior commercial and industrial finish sub contractor in the southeastern United States. We provide turn key construction labor & material for stucco, stone, siding and brick.

David and Darren established in 1995 Atlas Construction, Inc., which is an Atlanta, Georgia-based masonry, stone, stucco and siding contractor. The company provides state-of the -art exterior finish services for the commercial, industrial and multifamily construction jobs in the Carolinas, Alabama and Georgia.

Atlas Construction started off as a single trade construction company for apartment buildings. As our reputation grew and we developed many satisfied customers we grew gradually to being turn key contractors for masonry, stone, stucco and siding in the southeast. We did this in phases to better manage the growth. We are proud that we have many satisfied apartment developers that year after year continue to award us contracts.

Our company is acutely aware of the importance of our client's commercial exterior finish projects; we know how important it is to the owners that a project does not get delayed by any of our trades. We realize that time is money; owners have a lot at stake and have assumed great risk and responsibility to develop their projects. We treat every project like it's our own; we demand this from all our crews as well. Our philosophy is, if we do not accept the quality of a finished product on our own home then we would not accept to deliver the same to others.

We know the requirements of our clients, completing on time (scheduling), and delivering quality exterior finish product at a reasonable competitive price. Our meeting all these requirements simultaneously keeps our clients satisfied. Quality and scheduling was the easiest for us to meet because all our employees (project managers and field supervisors) have the same belief and values, if they did not they would not be working with us.

By taking on all the exterior finish work (Stucco brick and siding) we were able to cut down on management, supervision, equipment costs, as all trades general requirements were shared between them. This combined with the larger contract size we were able to deliver complete jobs at competitive prices, which is a win- win situation for us and project owners.

Atlas Construction's emphasis on high quality service and unmatched work ethic has earned them repeated business. Its success is due to the loyalty and longevity of its specialized staff, employing some of the most experienced and skilled professionals in the industry who draw their expertise from years of construction work.

Atlas is hands on with all aspects of the exterior finish, coordinating and overseeing every project. We have developed strong relationships with our customers, subcontractors and suppliers, who have added value to our services.

Quality control is important to us, which is why as contractors, we supply all the labor and material for masonry, siding, stucco and stone for the entire project whether you are located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama or Georgia. Atlas Construction, Inc. has its own crews and its own scaffolding, heavy and light construction equipment (Forklifts, Skid-steer) storage Trailers, Job site office Trailer. All our construction equipment is maintained periodically and is in compliance OSHA safety requirements.

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